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Volunteer with Us

Thank you for offering to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Helping Hands

Together we can prevent childhood drowning.


We are a new nonprofit founded by helpers, if you would like to become a helper to promote our mission please contact us. Volunteering your specific knowledge and ideas for fundraising and events is always appreciated. Volunteers needed especially if your background is in marketing, outreach, grant writing, bilingual translation, and networking. Please share our website, and our mission, with anyone who has young children. Together we can work to ensure that no more children drown.

CPR, BLS, & Babysitting Training Locations

Do you want to host an American Red Cross training at your place of worship, home, or business? Certified Classes are available for scheduling. Contact us to find out how you can help save lives by hosting a training!

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Pool Host

If you have a heated pool (outdoor or indoor), we need your help! FLOAT California is committed to helping as many kids as possible to give them life-saving aquatic problem solving skills. The more pools that we have access to, the more lessons and locations we can offer to families.


Requirements for home host pool

  • Pool must be accessible by side gate or walking around to pool location. Homeowners presence is not required

  • Instructor must be able to use the pool Monday-Friday for same block of time each day

  • Allow instructor use of pool for 8 weeks

  • Pool temperature must be maintained between 82-88 degrees (Heated pool)

  • Chemical levels must be maintained

  • Bathroom use not required. At NO time will parents or students be using the home

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